New study reveals men do indeed have 'selective hearing' and tell us something we don't know 3 years ago

New study reveals men do indeed have 'selective hearing' and tell us something we don't know

They needed a study to discover this?

Ever felt like your husband or partner kind of can switch his hearing on and off...? Or, you know, sort of tune you out at times?

Well, then not only are you not alone, but you are also probably 100 percent correct in your suspicions.

According to a new study conducted by Scrivens Hearing Care, women aren't exaggerating when they claim their partner isn't listening. In fact, 75 percent of the 2000 people polled felt that their partner had 'selective hearing' and that men don't hear what their partner says approximately 388 times per year.

Literally, mums – your words are falling on deaf ears.


“Most of us will have experienced ‘selective hearing’ - either being the accused or the accuser," Scrivens senior hearing aid audiologist, Kirran Saimbi, said. "But joking aside, ‘selective hearing’ could be a sign of hearing loss."

According to the research, more than half of those polled said that their partner's selective hearing was concerning while as many as 40 percent of the respondents suspected their partner may actually have some level of hearing loss.

"The changes in our hearing are often so subtle and happen over time, that it can be very hard for us to notice the impact it's having on our lives and those around us. That's why regular hearing checks are so important,” Saimbi noted.

It is important to note, however, that while many women may feel vindicated knowing that men, on average, have 'selective hearing,' the study found that women are also guilty of it. Not quite as much as men, though, something we reckon sounds pretty correct, tbh.