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06th Feb 2016

Sleep Experts Say Your Sleep Can Benefit From Eating These Two Things

Amanda Cassidy

If you’re a parent, disrupted sleep is nothing new but when you do finally get the kids to bed and under the covers yourself, you want to have a peaceful night.

A new study has revealed that diet has a lot to do with this and that there are certain things to avoid for an undisturbed sleep.

Researchers found that those who ate more fat and sugar, and less fibre, didn’t have great sleep patterns and woke up a lot.

Speaking about the findings, Professor Marie-Pierre St-Onge of Columbia University in New York said: “Our main finding was diet quality influenced sleep quality.

“It was most surprising a single day of greater fat intake and lower fibre could influence sleep parameters.”

The experiment also found that those who ate meals that were higher in protein and lower in saturated fat fell asleep quicker.

For the study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, experts looked at the sleep patterns of 26 men and women whilst altering their diets.

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