10 gender neutral baby names which will be popular in 2019 2 months ago

10 gender neutral baby names which will be popular in 2019

Settling on a name for your bundle can be tough.

Whatever name you pick has to be popular, but not so popular that they will be sharing the name with half of their eventual class at school.

It has to be unique, but not too unique. And, understandably, you'd want it to sound perfect with your surname.

Like we said, tricky.

And while we may only be four months into 2019, there are already plenty of trends emerging for 2019 - many of which have provided parents-to-be with plenty of beautiful options for their bundle.

Now, a baby naming expert has weighed in on another trend set to emerge this year.

Baby naming consultant Sherri Suzanne told the Daily Star Online how "gender lines are blurring", and it has had an effect on the names parents are picking.

She explained that mums and dads are moving away from tradition, which has led to a whole lot of monikers rising in popularity.

She continued:

“More names than ever appear on both boy and girl popularity lists at the same time – Riley, Spencer, Eden, Rowan.

“Unisex names have resulted from the trend toward surnames as well as 'word' names, each of which is less associated with a specific gender.

“The blurred gender line is also the result of parents searching for more names that yield popular nicknames. For example, parents of girls are seizing the traditionally male name Everett to achieve 'Evie' or 'Evvy'.”

Here are the top 10 gender neutral names for 2019

1. Everett

2. Riley

3. Spencer

4. Eden

5. Rowan

6. Ellis

7. Morgan

8. Bobby

9. Harley

10. Stevie