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19th Apr 2022

81% of parents support their kids’ dreams of becoming an influencer

Would you be happy for your child to be an influencer?

In a recent study it was found that half of parents allowed their kids to create social media accounts before age 13.

Not only that, it also revealed that of all the parents surveyed, three in ten parents did so to support their childrens’ aspirations of being a gamer or content creator.

Of those spoken to during the research, 64 per cent of parents have kids who want to be influencers or content creators in the future, with 81 per cent of those parents supporting that decision.

In regards to online safety, roughly 41 per cent of parents educate their kids about online trolls, and 26 per cent teach kids how to recognize bots.

On the other hnd 56 per cent of parents are not educating their kids about fake online profiles, consequently, one in five parents have caught their kids messaging people with unverified identities.

Although 95 per cent of parents talk to their children about social media safety, according to PrivacyHQ over 43 per cent of parents agree things like easily accessible logins, parent verifications and verification of new friends and followers should be in place before letting kids use social media.

What do you think?

Do you talk to your children about internet safety, and if so would you be happy for them to have online profiles and maybe even become an influencer?


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