Teenagers in quarantined Wuhan deactivate app that sends homework 2 years ago

Teenagers in quarantined Wuhan deactivate app that sends homework

Leave it to teenagers.

There's nothing fun about getting sick as a kid but usually it means you get to sit home with your flat 7-up, watching TV and of course avoiding homework.

Unfortunately if you're one of the many students living in quarantined areas like Wuhan that is not the case as thanks to technology they can be sent their school work directly to their tech devices.

That was until the teenagers decided they had had enough of doing homework and decided to get rid of the app that was sending them their homework with a pretty clever plan.

Teenagers in the Wuhan area fed up with doing homework actually had their homework app removed from the App Store by all giving it one star reviews.

The  called DingTalk, was being used by children in China so that they could get lessons and homework remotely.

But like any self respecting teenagers the kids used their smarts to take down the app with bad reviews meaning that homework is at least temporarily stalled.


I bet all of their computer science teachers are kicking themselves now.


Generally when you give an app a low rating it asks you why and the children leaving one star reviews came up with some interesting reasons (well they obviously couldn't say because they wanted to avoid homework).

According to Reuters some of these reviews on the App Store included;

"My holidays!" (ok that one is not much better than saying you don't want homework)

"I love DingTalk, say no more, there is one star for you."

"I am giving you five stars, but in installments."

I know as a parent I'm supposed to tut and wag my finger but I'm actually really impressed with the kids coming up with this way of getting out of school work.