3 delicious and child-friendly breakfasts you can actually meal-prep 3 years ago

3 delicious and child-friendly breakfasts you can actually meal-prep

Whether it is your toddler howling from the bathroom or your tween stressing over a test in school that day, us mamas know that mornings can be rather chaotic (to say the least).

It can sometimes feel like a herculean effort to get out the door in the morning – with the pressure to get you and your kids ready – followed by panic when you realize the schedule might not be going as planned..

And like with most things when it comes to motherhood, you're better off prepared. Which is why we love these yummy breakfast ideas, all of which can be meal-prepped ahead of time, making your mornings just that little bit less crazy.

1. Blueberry and granola breakfast popsicles

Breakfast popsicles are about to blow your kids' mind. Not only are these a great way of getting some berries or fruit into them, but they are also a surefire way to cool you all down during a hot summer morning. Oh, and they only have five ingredients. Plus, you can make them one night and have something to last you all week.

2. Whole grain banana pancakes


Start your morning with a stack of 100% whole-grain, no sugar-added banana pancakes made with real ingredients. Don’t forget to top them with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt!

3. Mini ham and cheese quinoa cups

These mini ham and cheese quinoa cups are the perfect, poppable, gluten-free breakfast or snack recipe. Easy, delicious and loved by kids and adults alike!