Need some cheering up? Prosecco popsicle molds exist 1 year ago

Need some cheering up? Prosecco popsicle molds exist

Take all our money.

If you need some good news today, tidings of this nifty invention might just brighten your spirits.

Yes that's right, prosecco popsicle molds exist.

Now we can treat ourselves to a little prosecco ice pop while the kids are having their fruit pops.



Called  SOPHISTIPOPS, this fun mold lets you create four champagne or prosecco popsicles at a time.

The mold even includes champagne wine glass stem popsicle sticks for easy access.

Of course you can make other ice pops with the molds like Bellinis or cocktails, or you can skip the alcohol all together and just make yourself a very fancy looking ice pop.


Won't these be absolutely perfect for hen parties or baby showers.

Priced at only €11 they are absolutely flying off the shelves at every online store that stocks them.