No bake Choc Bloc Biscuit Cake recipe that all the family will enjoy tucking in to 1 year ago

No bake Choc Bloc Biscuit Cake recipe that all the family will enjoy tucking in to

This looks delicious.

The last few months I've found myself baking a lot more with the kids.

We've made a few treats like cup cakes and cookies that we've made before but I'm also always on the lookout for something new to try.

That's when I came across this fun recipe for Choc Bloc Biscuit Cake which is definitely going on my 'to make' list for this week.

My husband and I had a chocolate biscuit cake as our wedding cake and I've always said that I would learn how to make one and there's no better time like the present. Especially since I can't leave the house.

The recipe for this is fairly simple and even better you don't even have to pre-heat the oven as absolutely no baking is required.



300g pack chocolate
100g Pure Irish Creamery Butter
2 tbsp Manuka Honey (regular honey will also work)
250g Broken Biscuits – Digestive/Rich Tea
75g Malteasers
75g Sultanas (optional)
50g Mini Marshmallows

(you'll be able to get all these at your local ALDI)


1. Line a 20cm (8”) square baking tin with a double layer of cling film.
2. Put the choc bloc, butter and honey in a heatproof bowl and place over a small saucepan of simmering water (do not allow the water to touch the base of the bowl).
3. Stir occasionally until melted.
4. Stir in the biscuits, Malteasers and sultanas.
5. Use the back of a spoon to press the mixture and press lightly into the top.
6. Cover and refrigerate until set.
7. To serve, turn out of the tin, remove cling film and cut the cake into small squares.

Then sit back and enjoy you delicious biscuit cake with a nice cuppa while the kids tuck into theirs.