Listeners in tears as Ryan Tubridy shares letter from grieving 11-year-old 1 month ago

Listeners in tears as Ryan Tubridy shares letter from grieving 11-year-old

We're sobbing.

Radio listeners to Ryan Tubridy's RTE show were left in floods of tears after he read out the letter of a grieving 11-year-old boy.

The young boy told the Late Late Toy Show host that this would be the first year that he will be watching the Toy Show since the passing of his uncle.

Fiachra from Cavan spoke about how watching the Toy Show was going to be very different this year as it had always been a family tradition that his uncle had been part of.

Fiachra's uncle passed away due to illness less than a year ago at the ago of only 42.

The young boy said that he will miss his uncle very much this Christmas as he was the coolest and always gave the best presents.


The young boy went on to say that he is excited and has a 'fizzing feeling' about watching the Toy Show but it's mixed with a lot of sadness too.

Over come with emotions listening to his young caller Ryan said;

"Life is full of wonderful moments, but it’s peppered with sad moments.

When you’re an adult, you still have the fizzing feelings. And when you’re little, you have the fizzing feelings. But we as adults can’t describe them as well as you, because we’re not as smart as you.

So you watch that show tomorrow, and you cry your eyes out, or whatever you want to do. Laugh, it doesn’t matter a damn. And drink your drinks, and eat your treats, and be happy, and remember your uncle.

And remember all the good times. Because he sounds like he was a very, very beautiful person — like you."

The Late Late Toy Show takes places tonight on RTÉ One at 9.35pm.