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12th Nov 2021

WATCH: Here’s your first look at this year’s Late Late Toy Show

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s here.

Once November hits, it can only mean one thing, the Late Late Toy Show is only around the corner.

Whether you’re five years old or 60, this once a year special is always a hit and once that Friday evening comes, we know it’s well and truly Christmas.

Finally, we’ve got a sneak peek at what we can expect this year, and nothing has us more excited.

Showing a range of children asleep, including one on her horse out for the count, another getting some shut-eye on the trampoline and another hitting the hay while brushing her teeth, they’re clearly catching up on sleep so they can stay up late for the show.

And they then show us just how excited they really are as the group of them are huddled around the TV with the lights out so they can really immerse themselves in the magic.

The second the show starts, they jump up cheering, and their happiness just radiates through the screen.

We then hear Ryan Tubridy’s voice over their screams and jumps of joy to tell us how the greatest night of the year is back, with the official date popping up on screen.

It then cuts to a very tired looking Ryan jokingly slamming his head in a book before saying: “Totally worth it.”

Saying the “children are in charge” of the show, it’s set to hit our screens on November 26th, and the promo is set to officially air on tonight’s RTÉ Six One news.

You can check out the clip below: