Survey reveals contact with friends was what children missed the most during lockdown 8 months ago

Survey reveals contact with friends was what children missed the most during lockdown

Very understandable.

Children are finally starting to head back to school after months of home schooling since school closures in March.

A recent survey carried out by Aldi has provided good insight on how parents and children have coped with home schooling, the challenges they all faced, the concerns the children have about returning to school.

Contact with school friends, learning from a teacher, school sports and a structured learning day came out on top as what children missed most about not being at school.

Over half of those surveyed (55 per cent) felt their children were not nervous about the return to school, with 34 per cent  saying that their child/children were somewhat apprehensive, and 12 per cent said their children did not want to return at all.

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For parents Maths and Irish were highlighted as the most difficult subjects to teach at home and were also said to be the subjects that have changed the most since some parents were at school, which I have to agree with.


English, in particular was something that came up time and time again.

53 per cent of parents surveyed were happy with the quantity of school work completed at home, while 28 per cent said they probably could have done better, and 19 per cent said they weren’t happy at all with schoolwork and found it extremely difficult to get the children to do anything.

Personally, given the extreme circumstances we all found ourselves in, I think just getting our kids through lockdown is something to be proud of.

While parents stated in the survey that they are worried there could be a second wave of COVID they did also say that they are looking forward to being able to work from home quietly and being able to do things like clean and do the food shop in peace.

I'll second that one.