If you weren't able to get a PS5 here are 3 ways to soften the blow for your child 2 years ago

If you weren't able to get a PS5 here are 3 ways to soften the blow for your child

The PS5 is the hottest toy of the season.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that they are so in demand by children and adults, they have sold out everywhere.

Last week many parents were disappointed that they couldn't manage to get one in the minutes before they completely sold out and are unsure what to tell their children who had them on their Santa list.

If you were unable to pick up a PS5 before Christmas, here are some sweet and creative ways to help soften the blow for child come Christmas morning.


Video from Santa

Santa At Home very kindly uploaded this video over the weekend explaining to children that the elves were unable to make PS5 consoles but that Santa will leave money with parents to buy them in the new year.


A really simple way of explaining it, and no reason it can't work next if you find yourself unable to get what they've put on their list.

PS5 balloons with voucher

Another great way to explain is with some creative balloons like these ones from Mary Popkins balloons.

It means that they still have something to come down to on Christmas morning and you can even attach a voucher from Santa for them to buy a PS5 in the New Year.

A treat box with note from Santa

Treat boxes (like the one pictured here from Candy Cone Company) have become increasingly popular so why not use one to help soften the blow.

Like with the balloons, it still means that they get to unwrap something and you can customise the box to have a note from Santa explaining that he will get them a PS5 as soon as he can.