Too wet to play outside? 5 activities to keep your toddler busy inside 1 year ago

Too wet to play outside? 5 activities to keep your toddler busy inside

If you have ever been in possession of a toddler, you will know they only come with two settings: Full speed ahead and bouncing off the walls - or asleep. 

Which means, of course, that entertaining them can sometimes be somewhat of a challenge - putting it mildly.

But if you are in dire need of ten minutes, mamas, whether to fold the laundry or just sit down for a much-needed cup of tea - we have rounded up five easy peasy activities that are bound to entertain your little ball of energy:

1. Yogurt art

Don't let anyone tell you food isn't for playing with! Let your toddler paint YUMMY works of art with yogurt. Just pick out a few different colours of yogurt (or use some food colouring), and pour small portions of each one into separate bowls. Lay out some waxed paper, and let your toddler go to town.

2. Sorting things

Toddlers love to sort things. Not so much their wardrobes, in fairness, but give them shapes, colours, blocks, whatever, and watch them go to town. Small as they are, toddlers can excel at grouping items by size or colour.


3. Bathtub painting

Toddlers love to splash in the tub, but there is a way that you can push that fun to a whole new level: Bathtub paint. Simply mix two parts baby wash with one part cornflour, and pour the mixture into a few separate plastic containers. Add one to two drops of food coloring into each container and mix well. Hand your toddler a big paintbrush and plonk yourself on the bathroom floor for some R&R while he paints a masterpiece all over the tub. And don't worry, bathtub paint rinses right off.

4. Homemade salt dough

Children love to play with salt dough and making it couldn't be easier. Little effort and huge payoff; what's not to like?! Here is how you make it: Just pour 2 cups of flour into a big bowl. Add 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water, and let your toddler mix it until it becomes a ball. Then watch them sculpt to their heart's content. Use food colouring to create different colours.

5. Toilet Paper Play

OK, so you might feel a little guilty about using an entire roll of toilet paper for this purpose, but trust me, this will keep your toddler busy for a nice little chunk of time. Just hand him/her a full roll of toilet paper and watch the mess happen. While you drink your tea and put your feet up, that's it.