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03rd Jun 2016

Introducing the “Donutccino”. Our Lives Are Officially Complete.


There are always new food trends doing the rounds but this one REALLY grabbed our attention.

That’s because it combines donuts and iced coffee to create the “Donutccino”.

While you’d have to travel all the way to Gossip Coffee, a coffee shop in New York, to get one of the original creations, we’re sure we could make our own.

All we need is an iced coffee along with a donut of our choice, finished with cream and sprinkles. (*Wipes drool away.*)

According to Elite Daily, they cost $6.50 at Gossip Coffee and customers can top their coffee with as many doughnuts as they like (as long as they fit on the straw).

Here are a few examples that have been uploaded to Instagram in recent days…

#OnTop ? at @gossipcoffee sippin’ on the #Beyoncé of coffee aka a #donutccino ?+☕️=?✨?

A photo posted by On Top (@ilikeit.ontop) on

These are a few of my favorite things ☕️? @gossipcoffee #donutccino #eatastoria

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Top image via Instagram/Gossip Coffee