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07th Nov 2017

How to make rotisserie-style chicken in your slow-cooker

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Whole rotisserie chickens are a godsend when you need to feed a hungry family a wholesome meal in record time.

The only thing that could make life even easier is if the rotisserie was located in your very own kitchen. And now, with this clever tip, it can be.

If you are in possession of a slow cooker (the Americans call them crock pots), you can fling this together in the morning and it’ll be ready to devour at dinner time.

As handy as they are, you’ll never need to buy a rotisserie chicken again…



One whole chicken, unstuffed

Assorted veg: Potato, onions, carrots

Seasoning: We like paprika, garlic powder salt and pepper


Season the chicken

Place some two-inch chunks of potato, onion and carrot in the base of your slow-cooker. If you do not want to cook vegetables to serve with the chicken, roll up five fist-sized balls of tinfoil and place those at the bottom of the pot, setting the chicken on top of them.

Cook on LOW for between six and eight hours.