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25th Aug 2016

The World’s Easiest Homemade Burger – You’re Welcome

Trine Jensen-Burke

We are still clinging onto summer for dear life, and when it comes to easy and tasty summer cooking, few things can beat a great hamburger.

You can go out and buy some ready made ones, of course, but why not just pick up some mince from your local butcher’s and DIY them – because trust us on this one, once you get the hang of making your own burgers, you won’t want to go for the store-bought variety ever again.

And if you are worried about burgers being tricky to make – think again. Here is blogger Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen’s delicious homemade burger – containing just two little ingredients.


  • 500g good quality beef mince
  • Sea Salt (about ¼ tsp)


  1. Pre-heat your grill/barbeque
  2. Place the beef mince in a large bowl and break it up slightly with your hands.
  3. Season with salt and carefully mix it with your hands to ensure it is evenly spread.
  4. Divide the mince into 4 and roll each into a ball.
  5. Place the balls down on a work surface and pat them to make them flatter. Use your hands to push the sides in slightly so they make an even(ish) circle – you don’t need to completely squish them, they don’t need to be too tightly compacted, just enough to hold them together. If there’s any mince trying to escape, gently pinch it together with the burger.
  6. Place into the heated grill/barbeque and cook for 12-15 minutes until cooked through, turning halfway through the cooking time.
  7. Serve.

Note: The better quality mince, the better the burger. And once you get the hang of the recipe, sure feel free to play around with different seasonings and spices. And remember not to play around with the burger while it’s cooking. The more you play with it, the more of the juices will flow out and it’ll make your burger drier.

Get creative

One of the best things, we argue, about serving up burgers is that you can really play around with how you serve it up, and go to town with creative toppings and condiments.

Right now, we are loving M&S’s Spicy Cajun Mayonnaise from this year’s Spirit of Summer range, perfect for adding a little heat to your hamburger. Oh, and their BBQ Guava Ketchup has become a little obsession…

To finish off, just add a side salad for some greens, and voila; dinner is served.