13-year-old girl dresses up as a 'tired-mum' for Halloween and it's spot on 3 years ago

13-year-old girl dresses up as a 'tired-mum' for Halloween and it's spot on

This is a bit too accurate.

Terms like 'mombie' have very much found themselves into our general vocabulary and have inspired many a meme.

I think it's nice that instead of always having to feel guilty for not looking great us mums can now laugh at it.

Until our kids get involved, that is.

One 13-year-old girl decided to dress up as a 'tired mum' for Halloween and I hate to admit it but she pretty much got it spot on.

Mum Jenny Day posted this photo during the week along with the caption;


"This 13 year old dressed as a tired mum for Halloween, amazing effort she's nailed it."

Even on first glance, I felt like it was a pretty accurate and then I noticed the toddler hanging off of her leg and was howling.

I wasn't the only one that thought she made a very realistic mum costume with thousands commenting on the post;

"She has completely nailed that."

"This is how I look on a daily basis."

"Don't need to dress up for Halloween so because I already look like this."

I wonder if after walking around all day with all that stuff hanging from her if this teenager will start to appreciate what her mum has to deal with.

Hopefully, she recognises the eternal mum struggle ( and that she gives her mum a few of her Halloween sweets as a little thank you).