This 3.3 metre flamingo float is serious pool goals 11 months ago

This 3.3 metre flamingo float is serious pool goals

This is epic.

There's only a few short weeks of summer left - but this massive floaty will help you make the most of the it.

The huge flamingo will definitely make you king or queen of the pool...provided there's enough room for the bird to float in to.

To keep the gigantic flamingo from toppling over the second you try and climb on top of it, Big Mouth Inc recommends filling the base off the floaty with water.


The flamingo, which measures around 3.3 metres tall and 3.6 metres long, will set you back $399.99.

It comes with a nylon patrick kit just in case you spring a leak, and has a security strap that connects the neck to the body - just to keep the head from flopping around too much.

But unfortunately, it looks like Big Mouth Inc don't ship the flamingo to Ireland (it is awfully big, after all) - and there's no news yet on a stockist in Ireland just yet.

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