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12th Feb 2024

‘How do I trust someone after they accidentally dropped my baby?’

Kat O'Connor

This woman’s mum accidentally dropped her newborn

A new mum has been left feeling conflicted after her own mum dropped her baby by accident.

She explained that the incident happened a few days ago, but luckily her baby girl was okay.

Her daughter, who is eight months old, was perfectly fine, but the mum is understandably nervous following the incident.

She told Reddit that she is now feeling traumatised and keeps having flashbacks of her daughter falling.

She wrote: “Three days ago my mother accidentally dropped my 8-month-old daughter on her head in front of me. My baby is okay, thank god.

“At the time it happened, I thought dropping a baby on their head from a distance was one of the worst things that could happen to a baby and that she would not be okay. I know now though, that babies are resilient and “bounce”.

“At the time, I was in immediate shock and felt traumatised from the whole event, I keep having flashbacks of her falling. She was inconsolable, pale, and spacey and she vomited, we went in an ambulance and went to hospital. She was discharged 4 hours later.”

Her daughter is perfectly fine but the parents feel so distressed.

The mum said her mother has been so apologetic, but she’s now finding it hard to trust anyone holding her baby.

“I feel like I have lost a lot of trust in other people caring for my baby, especially her grandmother. How will I gain this trust back in time?”

Many people agreed that she would eventually trust people again, but it is hard after an incident like this.

One said: “I’d probably ask people to only hold her sitting down till I felt less nervous.”

Another added, “You have to accept that there always the possibility of your baby getting dropped. You could drop your baby, too. That said, you have no obligation to let other people hold your baby. It’s always a leap of faith to let others take care of a newborn.”