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14th Jul 2015

Bras are bust according to new study performed by luckiest scientist alive

Sophie White

According to a recent study conducted by Jean-Denis Rouillon – a sports medicine specialist from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Besancon, France – bras are useless in the fight against gravity.

Jean-Denis Rouillon set himself the arduous task of investigating the effects of bra-wearing by studying the breasts of 330 volunteers from the ages 18 to 35 since 1997. Rouillon has concluded that breasts don’t actually benefit either medically, physiologically or even anatomically from being held up in a bra all day long, in fact the research team have speculated that bras increase the fun-bag sag.

The participants who didn’t wear a bra were found to potentially have a seven millimetre lift in the nipples… PER YEAR. The researchers believe that bras discourage the growth of supporting skin and epidermal tissue which could account for the perkier nipples of the bra-less and fancy-free boobies.

Here’s 5 reasons we are THRILLED with this news (as told through the medium of gifs naturally):

1. We NEVER looked as good doing this as Jennifer Aniston did…


2. Bra-removal will no longer be an issue (most men cannot do THIS…)


3. Kittens will no longer become lost in your bra…


4. Cute baby bottoms will be confused for breasts NO MORE!


And lastly…

5. No more rodents using our bras as hammocks.