WATCH: The First Trailer For 'Bridget Jones's Baby' 7 years ago

WATCH: The First Trailer For 'Bridget Jones's Baby'

One of our favourite fictional characters is back!

That’s right, the first trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby has arrived and we are very excited about her return to the big screen.

Renée Zellweger is back in her most famous role and is accompanied by a familiar face (Colin Firth) along with a new handsome co-star (Patrick Dempsey).

This time around, Bridget finds herself in quite the predicament as she's pregnant but isn't sure who the father is.

Throw in cameos from the likes of Ed Sheeran and Emma Thompson, and you’ve got what looks to be a very funny movie.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is due to hit Irish cinemas on September 16th and yes, we’ll be one of the first in the queue!


Video via YouTube/UniversalPictures Ireland