Cafe publicly shames mother and her 11-month-old baby for creating mess 1 year ago

Cafe publicly shames mother and her 11-month-old baby for creating mess

Do you know what isn't easy? Going to a cafe with an 11-month-old baby.

Do you know what mums don't need? To be publicly shamed by a cafe because their child made a mess.

A cafe in Kent has called out a mum for leaving behind a mess, but people are less than impressed with their cruel response.

The post reads: "Whilst we welcome mums and toddlers, what we don't welcome is a mess left like this with no attempt to help tidy or offer of apology and then when challenged to say weakly, 'I left a tip last time'."

The tearoom posted a photo of the mum's table. There is food under a highchair and dishes on the table, but the supposed mess isn't half as bad as it is made out to be.

Seriously, they should see our house after breakfast on a Monday morning.

The mum's sister said it was unfair for the cafe to shame her, "Absolutely disgusting behaviour from a so-called business.


"As if young mothers don't have it hard enough without your sad attempt to publicly shame them."

"The fact you deleted your post you are admitting perhaps getting a dustpan and brush isn't such a hard task.

The sister said they were told not to come back, but said they certainly won't after "such a disgusting display of unprofessional behaviour."

The cafe has since deleted the post. They stressed that they meant no harm. "This was not aimed at just young mums."

"We firmly believe hospitality is there to serve all customers," the cafe said.

"We understand we have to clean up after them, but a simple recognition would be nice."

Do you think the cafe was wrong or the mum?