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07th Nov 2023

Charlotte Crosby says welcoming her baby was ‘easiest thing in the world’

Charlotte Crosby must be the first mother to ever say this!

The former Geordie Shore star claimed that welcoming her baby girl, Alba Jean, was the “easiest thing in the world”.

Speaking ahead of the season two premiere of her show Charlotte In Sunderland, the mum-of-one said that everything she and her partner Jake Ankers were told about parenthood was “wrong”.

“We were absolutely terrified,” she explained as she opened up about how easy Alba has made new motherhood for her.

Charlotte said Alba Jean slept through the night from 12 weeks old and sometimes sleeps for 12 to 13 hours without waking.

“I get more sleep than I ever did throughout my horrible pregnancy,” she joked.

Credit: Charlotte Crosby

Little Alba is even good in the car and in the one place that most parents dread taking their babies – aeroplanes.

“In our [daughter’s] first year, we went to Australia and she did 24-hour flights, and she was an absolute angel,” the proud mum explained.

“And obviously I [gave] birth in London so every single hospital appointment and all my follow-ups were in London.

“So we had to keep doing, like, a five to six-hour car journey with a baby, and I think it was something like two or three times a month and she was fine. Nothing bad ever happened.”

Explaining why she thinks motherhood has been a breeze so far Charlotte said: “I think a baby very much feeds off your energy and I am the most laid back person you will ever meet in your whole entire life.”

Credit: Charlotte Crosby

Other than becoming a parent the reality star has another big milestone in the near future – getting married!

The 33-year-old and her boyfriend-turned-fiance, Jake, announced their engagement last week.

Charlotte’s other half of two years popped the question during a romantic holiday to Dubai.