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11th Oct 2023

Investigators fear Charlotte Sena kidnapping suspect was involved in two unsolved murders

Sophie Collins


Police fear the man arrested for the alleged abduction of Charlotte Sena in the US could be linked to two other unsolved murder cases.

Two teens, Christina White (19) and Jennifer hammond (18) both disappeared within two years of each other. Their remains were later discovered in Greenfield, New York.

Christina went missing in June 2005. Her bones were discovered one year later, and authorities confirmed that she had been stabbed.

Jennifer disappeared in August of 2003. She had been dropped off at a trailer park by co-workers to sell magazines door-to-door.

She never arrived at the point she agreed with her manager for collection, and was never seen again. Six years after that day, her skull was found near Lake Desolation Road.

Investigators have now suggested that these two cases could be linked to the recent disappearance of Charlotte Sena in Upstate New York.

Charlotte was abducted on September 30th at a campground, and a note was left by her kidnapper.

Craig Ross Jr was then arrested at his home after police found a fingerprint that belonged to the 46-year-old left on the note.

The nine-year-old was rescued just two days after her disappearance.

“He’s alleged to have abducted her, but we also know that the best predictor of present or future behaviour is past behaviour,” John Kelly, told Fox News Digital.

The criminal profiler and the president of STALK Inc. went on to say: “So, has he ever abducted in the past?”

He said they believe the person who abducted Christina and Jennifer will have known the area well.

“Many killers are interested in certain physical characteristics of their victims, which are usually part of their fantasy,” he said.

“Both victims were found in the deep woods of upstate New York in Greenfield.”

He also noted that both girls disappeared near a trailer park and although Ross hasn’t been named as an official suspect in either case, investigations are underway.