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27th Mar 2019

Colin Farrell talks about starring in Dumbo ahead of its Irish release this Friday


Denise Curtin

“If 30 percent of the magic that I felt in making the film can be there in the end result, the film is going to be magic!”

Ahead of the release of Disney’s Dumbo, a live-action reimagination of the 1941 classic flick, Colin Farrell is preparing for the world to see him take on the role of Holt Farrier when the movie takes flight at Irish cinemas this Friday, March 29.

The highly anticipated flick is one of many Disney movies in store for fans in 2019, with Aladdin, Toy Story 4 and The Lion King, to name a few all set for release later on this year.

But what made Colin, a known badass on screen, take on a film like Dumbo?


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“I was aware that having two lads, this is something that they could see and I was hoping that they’d like it – the jury’s still out on that, I don’t know!”

Continuing, he revealed the sweet advantage to doing Dumbo over previous, more intense movies.

“The energy of being in something that’s designed and orientated towards children and families was really lovely in the doing and also in the promoting. It has been a more joyful experience to speak about this than it has been… you know [other films].

Colin stars alongside a stellar cast in this reimigination with Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and Eva Green too taking to the screen in a movie that’s not only filled with magic but, plenty of action and the message that a little courage and plenty of hope will lead you to do great things.

Directed by Tim Burton, Colin reveals the lengths the 60-year-old went to to bring the movie to life. Referring to him as a “Tazmanian dust devil”, Colin revealed that he filled the set with 150 circus preformers from all across the world to create “the strangest most magical experience” for both the cast and the viewers.


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And although Colin is passionate about the movie and the story now, he never actually saw Dumbo until three MONTHS before he flew to London to start filming.

“I never saw it growing up” Colin explained. “I didn’t see Dumbo until about three months before I jumped on the plane to go to London to shoot it.”


Dumbo lands in Irish cinemas this Friday, March 29.