Gardaí investigating violent Cork attack identify teenage boy as suspect 4 months ago

Gardaí investigating violent Cork attack identify teenage boy as suspect

The young woman was violently attacked over the weekend.

A 13-year-old has been identified as a person of interest after a violent attack in Cork.

A young woman was punched and hit multiple times in a random attack.

The incident took place over the weekend when she was walking through the Evergreen Street area.

The attacker ran at the woman, aged in her 20s, from behind.

She was so severely beaten she was treated for a suspected broken jaw.

The young woman fled the scene and was taken to Cork University Hospital.

She was treated for her injuries, but they're not believed to be life-threatening.

However, Gardaí say she is lucky her injuries weren't more severe.


One said, "She was very lucky to have avoided more serious injuries - it was a very nasty assault."

It is believed the person who attacked her fled the scene on foot.

According to reports, Gardaí have identified a 13-year-old boy as the suspect.

The person of interest was caught on CCTV. He was walking behind the woman just moments before the attack.

They believe he stalked her for some distance as she walked home.

It is believed Gardaí are shocked by how young the boy was, given the severity of the attack.

They believe they have a strong description of the young boy. They are also satisfied that the attack on the young woman was random.

However, they have yet to uncover a motive for the violent attack.

The local community is said to be stunned after the horrific assault.