US stores pull musical toddler toy after discovering it plays song about cocaine use 11 months ago

US stores pull musical toddler toy after discovering it plays song about cocaine use

The toy has been all over social media in recent months with unsuspecting parents showing their kids playing with it.

North American retailer Walmart has pulled a musical toy for toddlers after customers discovered it plays a song about cocaine use in another language.

The 'Dancing Cactus Toy,' which reportedly plays songs in English, Spanish and Polish and is marketed as an educational toy for young kids, was being sold on Walmart's website for $25.85.

Yet the retail giant has ceased selling the item after Polish-speaking customers noted it played a song by a Polish rapper that features lyrics about cocaine use and death.

The song, entitled 'Where Is The White Eel?', was released in 2015 by rapper Cypis and is far from child-friendly.

According to a translation website, lyrics include: “The only thing in my head / is five grams of cocaine, fly away alone / to the edge of oblivion,” and “Chemparty, I wanna go skiing / To the dealer, not the Alps / Oh f**k, I think I’ll die”.

Ania Tanner, a Polish woman living in Ontario, Canada, was shocked to hear the lyrics in her native language after buying the toy for her granddaughter.


“It just so happens that I am Polish and when I started to listen to the songs and I heard the words, I was in shock,” she told CTV News. “I thought ‘Is this some kind of joke?'

“This toy uses swear words and talking about cocaine use. This is not what I ordered for my granddaughter. It’s a very depressing song.”

A spokesperson for Walmart told CTV News: “These items are sold by a third-party seller on our marketplace website. We are removing the items while we look into this complaint further.”

Cypis is reportedly pursuing legal action against the Chinese manufacturer of the toy, who he claims used the song without his permission.