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19th Aug 2021

Disney introduces adaptive costume for kids with disabilities and they’re brilliant

Kat O'Connor

Parents say it’s about time costumes like this were made available.

Halloween will be here before we know it and Disney has got us covered.

They have created an inclusive line of costumes for children with disabilities and they’re absolutely adorable.

The company wants to ensure that every child gets the chance to dress up as their favourite character on Halloween.

The adaptive costumes are wheelchair and sensory-friendly.

The Halloween costumes have stretchier fabric and open in the back to make it easier to put the costume on.

There are longer length inseams for wheelchair users. The costumes even have flap openings in the front with self-strick fabric closure to accommodate tube access.

Children can now dress up as their favourite characters from Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and Pixar movies.

The Cinderella adaptive costume has got to be one of our favourites.

Speaking about the new costumes, Stephanie Young of the Walt Disney Company said: “We are excited to meet the needs of more of our guests and plan to continue to grow the collection.”

Parents have been praising Disney for introducing such an inclusive range to their stores.

“You can say what you want about Disney, but this is very heartwarming for someone who has a disability. Mine does not hinder my ability to walk, but it greatly impacts my life daily. You guys are the best,” one wrote.

Another said: “It’s about time.”

There’s no doubt the inclusive costumes will make Halloween all the more special for children with disabilities.

You can check out the collection here.