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15th Jul 2018

Duchess Kate’s Wimbledon outfit is a throwback to Meghan’s earlier this month

Jade Hayden


Unless you’ve been residing under a rock for the past while, you’ll be more than well aware that Wimbledon is on. And you know what that means…

No, not incredibly talented athletes competing against each other while also showcasing their intensely impressive tennis-based abilities for the world to see.

It means lots of celebrities wearing pretty outfits and looking well – that’s it. Nothing else. Let’s move on, shall we?

Today, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton rocked up to watch some tennis with Prince William wearing a stunning canary yellow midi-dress.

(Kate was wearing the dress, not Will…)

There she is now, looking great.

The dress is Dolce & Gabbana which means, you guessed it, it’s not at all cheap.

In fact, it’s actually quite expensive, setting you back a cool €910 if you wanted to grab yourself one.

No bother at all.

The crepe dress is a midi-length garment with a ruffle sleeve detail.

It’s actually sold out on Net-A-Porter‘s site at the minute too, so if you somehow had enough cash to nab one of these you’re going to have to track it down somewhere else.

Or just buy a regular ol’ yellow dress from Zara or something – whichever you prefer.

Yesterday, Kate was joined by Meghan Markle and the two watched some sport from the royal box.

Meghan was wearing a glorious striped shirt and high waisted pants.

Some people thought Meghan’s choice of look made it seem like she was working at the event.

These people were wrong.