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06th Dec 2022

Call the Midwife actor had to leave school because of bullies

Kat O'Connor

The actor opened up about his heartbreaking time in school.

Call the Midwife actor Daniel Laurie has spoken out about being bullied in school.

The actor bravely revealed that the bullying was so bad that he had to walk out because of it.

The actor is best known for playing Reggie Jackson on the BBC drama series.

The 27-year-old actor struggled during his school years because of how badly he was treated.

The actor told The Mirror about the heartbreaking experience.

“I hated school. I was badly bullied and that made me walk out of school, but because of that, ­acting found me when I was 17.”

“Luckily my mum Jane [Laurie] found an acting career for me, she was an actress.”

Daniel may have struggled in school, but things started to look up after he left school. He said walking away from school helped him discover his passion for acting. After he left, his mum helped him find acting roles because she was an actress too.

“If it wasn’t for Call The Midwife, where else would I be? The whole entire show is run by women and I actually love being in Call The Midwife because of them.

Daniel said his Call the Midwife co-stars made him feel so welcome since he started the show.

“They make the show what it is. It’s a fantastic show. I love being in the show.

He said he has really bonded with his co-stars since landing the role on Call the Midwife.

The news comes after the BBC confirmed two Call the Midwife characters would be leaving the show in the coming weeks.

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