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10th Aug 2023

Parents warned about dangers of dehydration after Danny Jones’s son is hospitalised

Kat O'Connor

Danny Jones’s son Cooper was rushed to hospital during their family holiday.

The singer’s wife Georgia said their son quickly deteriorated when they were preparing to fly home from their trip to Tenerife.

Georgia explained that Cooper started to feel ill before their flight and was quickly rushed to hospital just as they were about to fly home to England.

Georgia explained that Cooper was admitted to the hospital with dehydration.

“Goodness, he was so so brave. I think had this been England it wouldn’t have been quite as dramatic but I guess they have to be so careful with dehydration in little ones in hot countries,” she said.

“He wasn’t keeping water down so was pretty dehydrated and lethargic,” the mum said.

The family had no choice but to rearrange their trip and book different flights, but the mum said Cooper’s health has to come first.

“We obviously had to change flights, book our accommodation for longer, and rearrange other bits and bobs.

“We had to make sure this little man was back to eating waffles & chocolate sauce before we were confident to fly.”

Georgia said it was a stressful end to their holiday, but they’re now at home.

She urged other parents to beware of dehydration in little kids if holidaying abroad.

According to the HSE, you should bring your child to the hospital if they:

  • seem drowsy (hard to wake)
  • are breathing fast
  • few or no tears when they cry
  • have a soft spot on their head that sinks inwards (sunken fontanelle)
  •  dry mouth
  • have dark yellow pee or have not had a pee in the last 12 hours
  • have cold and blotchy-looking hands and feet
  • are extremely thirsty
  • are pale
  • have less energy than usual
  • have less than 3 wet nappies per day
  • seem confused