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29th Jan 2021

Demi Lovato set to produce and star in new comedy series

Melissa Carton

All of our childhood dreams could be coming true.

Even though Demi Lovato is best known as a pop singer, she started out her career as a child actor on TV shows such as Barney and Friends alongside fellow pop star Selena Gomez.

Now it seems that Lovato is returning to her TV roots as she is set to produce and star in a new comedy series and we’re so excited.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lovato will produce and star in single-camera comedy show Hunger written by Suzanne Martin.

The show will follow a group of friends in a food issues support group as they bond with each other and search for “love, success, and that one thing in the refrigerator that will make it all better.”

Lovato  has spoken about her own real life issues eating disorders in the past, having suffered with them from a young age.

The series has received a put pilot commitment from NBC, meaning the network will pay a penalty if they don’t air it.

We don’t know if Covid restrictions will mean that filming the entire series might be delayed but hopefully we’ll get to see Lovato on the small screen again soon.

Most recently she was one of the performers at Celebrating America, the prime time TV special that took place after Biden’s inauguration.

Some had wondered why the talented 28-year-old hadn’t dropped an album since 2017 (although she did release a protest song last year called Commander in Chief about former president Donald Trump) but now it’s clear that she was focusing on using her talents elsewhere.

Given Lovato’s extensive acting background we’re looking forward to seeing her back on TV and I have a feeling that Hunger could be our next big binge watch.