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08th Nov 2021

Lottie Ryan responds to mums who said she should be “ashamed” for returning to work

Kat O'Connor

“It is not easy putting your kid into crèche”

Apparently, we’ve gone back in time to the 1800s because mums have been shaming Lottie Ryan for returning to work.

The radio presenter has returned to the airwaves but was hit with major backlash online.

Lottie was really shocked by some of the cruel messages she received.

The mum said she didn’t sleep the night before her first day back. “It’s such a strange, strange feeling because I’m so excited to be back, and I’m so nervous for Wolf starting crèche.”

Lottie was already nervous about her baby boy starting creche, so the last thing she needed was abuse from judgemental mothers online.

“I was shook by some of the messages that other mothers sent me. It was a difficult week for me, it is not easy putting your kid into crèche. It is very emotional and he is very young,” Lottie admitted.

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“I was getting messages from some mothers saying, ‘Oh my God Lottie, how could you put a beautiful young baby into crèche at this age, it’s an absolute disgrace, you should be ashamed of yourself.’”

Lottie said the horrid messages really upset her.

“It did really upset me because I’m new to this and I am really learning.”

“I’m a complete novice and I don’t know what I am doing and I’m figuring things out as I go and I have to come back to work.”

The world would be a much happier place if working-mums were treated with the respect they deserve.

It’s 2021, women should be able to return to work without being judged and ridiculed by strangers on the Internet.

The 36-year-old gave birth to her adorable baby boy Wolf this June.