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13th Jul 2022

Louise Thompson has been admitted to hospital

“Louise is unfortunately back in hospital”

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has been admitted to hospital.

The mum has been suffering mentally and physically since the traumatic birth of her son Leo last December.

Louise’s company confirmed she was back in hospital on their Instagram.

“Hey everyone, Team Pocket here. Louise is unfortunately back in hospital for a little while and is therefore taking a break from social media.”

“Like all of you I am sure, we wish her a speedy recovery and are sending her all the love

“Louise has asked us all to keep you updated on some exciting bits going on at Pocket at the moment in the meantime whilst she is away.”


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Louise’s partner Ryan Libbey also commented on her hospitalisation. The dad praised his followers for sending well wishes to both him and Louise.

He wrote, “Thank you to the people who have messaged me today sending well wishes to myself and Louise.

“I’ll update when I can. Thank you again,” he added.

Louise’s hospitalisation comes after she said she was at a “weird stage” in her recovery.

The mum also admitted that she “kind of dreads” her life.

“It feels very unfair. I think I have only just started to reach the anger stage too which is a bit strange for a typically unangry person. I’m really angry that things got so bad and that I had to go through all of this. It makes me sick.

Louise added, “It has come very close to destroying my family and my relationship and I’m angry because of that.”