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22nd Mar 2021

What’s up Doc? The world’s first rabbit reality show has just launched

Melissa Carton

It’s like Big Brother…just with rabbits.

With Easter just around the corner we’re seeing more and more bunny related content appearing in our homefeeds.

Most of it of course is to do with Easter eggs or the Easter bunny, but there is a new rabbit related show that’s a little bit different than what we’re used to.

Introducing Big Bunny Hutch, the world’s first ever rabbit reality TV show.

The KitKat Big Bunny Hutch stars five real-life bunnies who have entered a custom-built hutch to win the hearts of the nation, with one lucky bunny voted for by you, as the KitKat Easter Bunny 2021.

Viewers will be able to vote via the website for their favourite bunny, as new episodes will air each day throughout the week from 11am.

This fly-on-the-wall series narrated by TOWIE star Pete Wicks, is the perfect (and let’s face it cutest) show to binge watch during lockdown.

Bunnies Coco, Marble, Alice, Snowy and Popcorn will enter the hutch for the first time, where they’ll become acquainted with their home and each other.

The first episode of The KitKat Big Bunny Hutch aired on Monday at 11am on and animal lovers and reality TV fans can expect drama, laughter and plenty of gossip from the adorable hunch-mates.

There’s already been a bit of drama with Marble and Alice not getting off to a great start so it’ll be interesting to see how that relationship develops if they both make it to the end.

Honestly I’m more interested in this than every season of Big Brother and Love Island put together.

All the bunnies are adorable so I think it’s going to have to come down to personality big time when it comes to the public deciding which if the hunch-mates will become this year’s Easter bunny.