Gemma Atkinson "mum-shamed" after posting her gym session on Instagram 2 months ago

Gemma Atkinson "mum-shamed" after posting her gym session on Instagram

She was lifting light weights.

Gemma Atkinson has been mum-shamed after posting her gym workout on social media.

Currently pregnant with her second baby, Gemma has come under fire after posting about her workout.

Sharing her home workout, Gemma was doing a series of leg and back exercises.

She said: "Glute focused today with bands only. Strong glutes in pregnancy helps with lower back pain and helps support the pelvis so I’m all for it! Anything to help keep this little fella supported.

"Workout was 150 monster walks (broken into 3 sets of 50)
Standing fire hydrant (60 on each side. 3 sets of 20)

"3x 15 prisoner good mornings.


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"Lateral wall sit 30 secs each side for 3 mins in total. These look easy but they wreck if done correctly. Drive your knee into the wall to activate the quad and glute.

"Finished with 5 rounds superset of 1 min walk into 30 box step ups.

"Nice little burner and felt good to move again as I haven’t trained since Monday. Slowly and steady bumping along at my own pace."

Fans were worried about the exercises she was doing, with some sharing more than a little bit of concern.

One person wrote: "Gemma please don’t over do it," while another added: "I think you're dong far too much slow down give baby a break."

This is not the first time Gemma has been mum-shamed over her workouts, previously defending herself saying: "The weights I’m currently lifting aren’t heavy for me, but they are heavy for my pelvis and vagina. And that’s what’s important."

Pregnant people are advised to avoid lifting heavy equipment while pregnant, with the HSE saying: "If you are lifting weights, higher repetitions and lower weights are recommended. Repetitive weight lifting over 18kg could cause premature labour."