Here Is The App You Will Kick Yourself For Not Downloading Sooner 6 years ago

Here Is The App You Will Kick Yourself For Not Downloading Sooner

It is fair to say that the majority of us nowadays are fairly addicted to our smartphones and tablets, no?

I mean; it is right there. Luring us in with inspiring Instagram feeds or beautiful images we just have to pin or crazy funny Twitter conversations we just need to keep an eye on. Sounds familiar?

It has become all too common to reach for your phone "just to check it" (whether the "it" being your work-mail or Facebook) whenever you are supposed to keep your focus on something else, like the film you are watching with your husband or the Lego castle you are currently helping your kids to build.

But now there is (ironically enough!) an app to help you with just this: Keeping you away from your phone so you can focus on other (and more important things).

The app (that has become a firm favourite here at HerFamily HQ) is called 'Forest' and is available for both iPhone and Android.


This is how it works:


Whenever you need to focus on something,  you simply open the app, plant a small seed that slowly grows into a tree. At least it will do if you don’t leave the app. Should you quit for a quickie social media fix, your tree will wither away.-And believe me, you’ll feel bad!

You can set the timer yourself for how long you want to leave your phone alone for, anything from five minutes to two hours, and the more your use it, the more trees you will grow and the bigger your forest will eventually be.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 14.35.41

And while it sounds a little crazy, we found that it did, in fact, make us think twice before absentmindedly just checking into our phones just for the sake of it.

What do YOU think? Are YOU able to leave your phone alone for long stretches of time, or are you always tempted in for a quick scroll? Would you consider using this app to curb your habit? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie

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