I purposely didn't invite one of my son's classmates to his birthday- was I wrong? 9 months ago

I purposely didn't invite one of my son's classmates to his birthday- was I wrong?

Was this mum in the wrong?

A mum has caught herself in the midst of some school drama.

She was hosting a birthday party for her son but didn't want to invite one of his classmates.

She explained that there is an unspoken rule amongst the parents when it comes to birthday parties.

"There is this unspoken rule at my kid's elementary school that if you don't invite someone's kid to your kid's birthday party then don't expect your kid to be invited to their party.

However, one mum was less than impressed when her kid didn't get an invite to the party.

"I didn't invite one of my son's classmates "Mikey." Why? Because my son wasn't invited to Mikey's birthday last month."

The mum explained that Mikey's birthday party was held in the park last month. She said the pool was rented out for his big day but her son wasn't invited to join in on the festivities.


So like Mikey's mum did with her son Alex, she left Mikey off the invite list.

"Mikey's mother emailed me asking why he wasn't invited to Alex's party. I said because my son was invited to her son's party."

However, Mikey's mum claims his birthday party was limited to family members.

"I said I totally understand that but my son's party was limited to kids who invited my son to their parties. She said that it was two very different things and I said it was the same - our kids had parties that were invite-only. It's not personal."

The mum stressed that her little boy didn't care if Mikey attended the party or not.

"He would have said no if I reminded him that it's rude to exclude people from a party but expect to be invited to others."

Do you think she was wrong?