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06th Sep 2016

Jessica Alba Is Now Selling Election-Themed Nappies

Katie Mythen-Lynch

In a frankly genius piece of marketing, The Honest Company, a business co-owned by actress Jessica Alba, is now selling US election-themed nappies. 

The limited edition ‘bipartisan’ diapers, which feature a cute red elephant being best mates with a blue donkey to promote unity, go on sale online today.

Speaking to Time, Honest Company co-founder and CEO Brian Lee explained the thinking behind the brand’s latest product:

“Our children are the leaders of the future, and it is our responsibility as parents to ensure they grow up in a world of love,” he said.

“As the election approaches, let’s teach our children to embrace unity and compassion. There is one United States, one people, indivisible, and our new election diaper encompasses that sincere belief.”

Alba said she approved the nappies in an effort to set a good example for her two children: “Our election diapers were inspired by all of the little ones out there who were born not to see red or blue, but simply to love.”