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15th Jun 2022

Josh Dunne’s mother speaks out after cyclist is found not guilty of murder

Kat O'Connor

“I’m not going down easy.”

Yesterday, delivery cyclist George Gonzaga Bento was found not guilty of Josh Dunne’s death.

Last January, Dunne died from stab wounds at the age of 16, but Bento has been cleared of murdering the boy.

It is believed the cyclist stabbed the boy in the chest twice. However, he stressed that he was acting in self-defence.

Before the stabbing, Bento had been attacked when he was trying to retrieve a stolen bike in East Wall.

The 36-year-old was cleared of all charges in court.

Following the verdict, he said: “I am very grateful, I pray a lot for that. I’m not in shock. It’s more emotion than I can speak.”

“Now my focus is my family, spend some time with the people I love, the people who support me.”

He also expressed his sympathies to Josh’s mum.

“I say sorry at the beginning and at the end, hopefully, one day she [Josh’s mam] could forgive me for what happened.”

Writing on social media, Josh’s mum Diane promised she’d never stop fighting for her son.

She said: “Thanks to everyone for your kind words, but I’m not going down easy.

The mum added, “I’ll keep fighting for Josh until the day I die.”