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30th Mar 2022

Lottie Ryan says her mum does not want baby Wolf to call her ‘granny’ or ‘nan’

Lottie Ryan's mother doesn't want to be called granny

No more granny?

Is there any word in the English language more cosy and warm than the word ‘nana’ or ‘granny’? I think not.

However, it seems the latest generation of grandmothers has zero interest in taking on the traditional moniker.

Lottie Ryan recently revealed that while her mum Morah loves being a grandmother to little Wolf, she is not quite as happy being called so.


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“I tell you one thing we’re not allowed to use that word!” Lottie says.

“She doesn’t want to be called Granny or Nana. The word she has come up with is ‘Momo’, so she’s Momo to Wolf – even though he can’t speak.”

The 2FM presenter added:

“If he starts to say Granny, I’m not going to tell him to stop because I think that’s hilarious! When people say Granny the look of shock in her eyes…”

Lottie is quick to praise her mum as being a brilliant support system, and ponders how things are so different for this generation of women, who are most often juggling motherhood with paid work as well.

“I grew up in a generation where a lot of women were at home,” Lottie explains.

“My dad worked full-time and my mum was a full-time mum.”

Mum guilt sometimes sets in, Lottie says, but she knows she has her mum in her corner for support.

“I had to go back to work, I’m self-employed, no one else is going to pay my mortgage for me.”


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