Marissa Carter is taking a break from beauty to work with children in Africa 3 years ago

Marissa Carter is taking a break from beauty to work with children in Africa

Fair play to her!

It has been an unbelievable few months for the #GirlBoss that is Marissa Carter.

Last month, Marissa launched Carter Beauty Cosmetics, which is made up of an incredible 103 products.

All in a days work.

And now, Marissa is taking a bit of a break from being the CEO and founder of Carter Beauty Cosmetics and Cocoa Brown.

For a pretty amazing reason!

The entrepreneurial guru and Instagram star has travelled to Guinea-Bissau, where she's with children’s rights charity Plan International Ireland – for whom she is an ambassador.

The charity runs several development programmes in the West African country, which is one of the world’s poorest nations.


Marissa will visit a Village Savings and Loans groups, which focuses on transforming girl’s and women’s lives through financial independence and empowerment.

She will hear stories of female entrepreneurship and the meaningful difference access to credit has made to their lives and families.

Marissa will also meet with survivors of Female Genital Mutilation, a horrific human rights violation which Plan International Ireland is working hard to eradicate.

CEO and mum-of-two Marissa was particularly drawn to the children’s rights charity because of their Because I Am A Girl movement.

This movement was initiated because girls in the developing world are more likely to be denied access to education, experience violence, be forced into early marriage, live in poverty and go hungry.

Improving girl’s rights, access to school and putting an end to early marriage can transform entire communities – and this is what Plan International Ireland works to achieve.

Speaking about her role as ambassador for the charity, Marissa said:

‘’I was really drawn to Plan Ireland for their Because I am A Girl movement. The movement supports the youth-led, global movement for girls’ rights and gender equality."

marissa carter

"Across the world girls suffer injustices every day simply because they are young and female. I want to support girls to take the lead and influence decisions that matter to them so they have the power to transform their futures’’.

The visit is timely ahead of 11th October when International Day of the Girl will be marked across the world.

Be sure to keep an an eye on Marissa’s Instagram stories which are sure to be amazing.