'Incredibly strange': Wife admits she has avoided meeting her in-laws for 15 years 1 month ago

'Incredibly strange': Wife admits she has avoided meeting her in-laws for 15 years

A woman has never met her in-laws despite being married for 15 years.

She made the confession on Mumsnet and has left people stunned by how she's managed to avoid her in-laws for so long.

She wrote: "In 15 years of being with my husband, I have never met nor appeared on video chat with my family-in-law."

The woman explained that she once appeared on a video call but that was it.

She admitted she's gone out of her way to avoid them. The level of commitment is honestly astonishing.

"They've also witnessed me trying to pass by without being noticed, walking on my knees."

"It hasn't been a problem, when they've asked to see me DH has always made some excuse but lately his siblings keep pestering him to put me on chat or at least share a photo. I've refused so far," she said.

"My husband is now saying it's time I should just speak to them to stop his siblings from messaging about it so often.

"I really don't want to. I hate appearing on film and would have no idea what to say.


She continued, "I feel the fact it's gone on so long just makes it seem even weirder to suddenly decide to talk to them."

Fellow Mumsnet users admitted she should just get it over with.

One said, "15 years and you've never said hello to them? I find that strange. It seems natural to introduce yourself and make an effort to be part of your DH's family."

Another added, "You've been with your husband for 15 YEARS and you've never met or spoken to his family. How on earth is that possible?"

"If you don't like being on camera can you send them a nice card or letter in the post saying hi?" one said.

"I think it would be nice if you could make some kind of connection with your DH family for his sake at least," another suggested.

Do you think the woman is being unreasonable or should her husband's family respect her decision?