Met Eireann says the weather is set to be fairly stunning this weekend 7 months ago

Met Eireann says the weather is set to be fairly stunning this weekend


If there's one thing that really gets us going after a hard week of work, it's a decent bit of weather.

We could receive the worst news of our lives, but if it was hot out it would all be alright. There could be nobody around to hang out but that's OK, we make our own fun in the sun.

We could be evicted from our gaffs, robbed, and broken up with by a significant other all in the same day, but if the sun is shining, it's all good.

Lucky for us then that it looks like it's set to be one of those weekends - because temperatures are rising, and there's not a rain cloud in sight.

Well, there are a few but not a whole lot. Finally.

met eireann

According to Met Eireann, today (Friday) will reach highs of 24 degrees in some parts of the country, with a few breezy spells scattered through the day.

Nighttime will see temperatures drop to about 11 -13 degrees, with a few moments of drizzle in the west but mainly dry elsewhere.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will bring more of the same heat with highs of between 20 and 25 degrees, especially in the north midlands.

It will, however, be cloudier than today with some rain in the north west and west, but elsewhere should remain dry.

Sunday will be mainly dry with sunny spells with temperatures reaching as high as 22 degrees in some parts of the country.

It won't be absolutely roasting due to the heavy amount of cloud, meaning that it could actually get quite muggy in some place, but listen lads, there'll be sun - and that's as good as we're going to get it.

Enjoy yourself.

You deserve it.