Met Éireann warns of "blustery" showers and thunderstorms for next few days 3 weeks ago

Met Éireann warns of "blustery" showers and thunderstorms for next few days

Class, no worries at all.

It's sunny now guys, but it won't be for long.

The classic Irish spring is upon us, and we're in for a whole load of deceptively sunny days that are actually freezing, and sudden rainfall out of nowhere.

You truly do love to see it. And as it stands, Met Éireann has purported that we will indeed be seeing it this week, as we're apparently in for an amount of "blustery" showers, rainfall, and thunder over the next few days.

Today (Wednesday) will see highs of 12 degrees, but rain will develop in the west and spread eastwards through the afternoon. Tonight will be mostly dry but rain will push into Ulster, Connacht and west Munster overnight, eventually spreading eastwards towards tomorrow morning.

Thursday is expected to see more showers and longer spells of rain spreading into Atlantic counties through the morning and eventually becoming more widespread as the day goes on. There will also be fresh, gusty and sometimes strong southwest winds for coastal counties.


On Friday, certain parts of the country can even expect to see thunderstorms. According to Met Éireann:

"Friday will be a cold, blustery day with sunny spells and widespread heavy showers or rain, hail or sleet and with a risk of isolated thunderstorms.

"Highest temperatures of just 4 to 8 degrees with fresh, gusty westerly winds. On Friday night, showers or rain or sleet will continue for a time, but will become confined to Atlantic coastal counties later in the night. Lowest temperatures of -1 to 3 degrees with frost in many areas."

Showers and winds are expected to dominate the weekend too, so if you fancied hanging out in the park at any stage, you may want to rethink your plans.