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08th Jan 2018

Mum outraged by ’embarrassment’ of a sexist kids T-shirt

'It's 2018.'

Jade Hayden

disney store

A mum has taken to Facebook to complain about the “embarrassment” of a sexist kids T-shirt she found in the Disney Store.

Emma Palmer was shopping in Westfield shopping centre, London when she noticed a T-shirt that read: “Shoes speak louder than words.”

The T-shirt, that is clearly marketed towards young girls, also included a jewelled image of a glass slipper referencing Cinderella. 

Emma wrote that the item was an “embarrassment” and questioned why it was being sold in the Disney Store in 2018.

She wrote:

“I saw this embarrassment of a T-shirt at the Disney store in Westfield yesterday, aimed at young girls.

“This is just everything that is wrong with messaging to girls in a nutshell… It’s 2018.

“Surely it is widely recognised that the content of your mind and words you speak are WAAAAAY more important than your f*cking shoes! *Facepalm*”

“Hear hear!!” wrote one person. “Shame on Disney! Actually I think they should be ashamed of such vacuous and destructive messaging!”

” I’m on your team Emma on this… stupid bloody message for girls!” said another. 

Even though the post has only received 19 likes, it has already been picked up by major news sites in the UK.

This comes after Zara was accused of promoting negative gendered messages on their clothing aimed at kids.

The retailer was selling hoodies for girls that read “sweet” and hoodies for boys that read “master.”

Zara responded saying:

“Our kids’ collection includes a very wide range of products designed to provide our customers with choice and deliver positive messages to both girls and boys.”