Nadine Coyle's entrance into I'm A Celeb went down a treat last night 3 years ago

Nadine Coyle's entrance into I'm A Celeb went down a treat last night

Because she was terrified.

And the people love terror.

Last night, I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here 2019 kicked off - and oh, how we've missed it.

We missed Dec's quick wit, we missed Ant in general, and most of all, we missed Z-list, E-list, and maybe even C-list celebrities being afraid of things in the Australian jungle.

Ah, reality TV. It doesn't get better than this.

And yesterday's instalment was no different either, because in true opening night fashion, each of the celebrities faced their first jungle-based challenge - simply entering the camp.

Girls Aloud's Nadine Coyle was among them - as she was wont to be considering she is taking part in the series this year.

Nadine, however, has stated previously that she is scared of everything. That includes heights, and dropping from a great height, naturally.


So when she got a glimpse of what was coming (dropping out of a plane from a great height), she was, understandably, scared.

Weeping softly while staring up at the plane, Nadine was asked by Caitlyn Jenner if she was alright.

Saying that she was OK, but feeling "a bit sick," Caitlyn reassured Nadine that once she had done the sky dive, she'd feel amazing.

Nadine, still expelling tears, believed her.

And afterwards she did feel pretty good, so fair play.

Viewers at home were quite taken with Nadine's entrance, as the singer proved that she is, as always, an icon - and that she's probably going to go ahead and win the whole show, tbh, maybe.


They were also quite delighted by the intense bond and beautiful friendship that appears to already be forming between Nadine and Caitlyn.

You love to see it.

Anyway, the gals got to the ground, all was well, and the rest of the show continued on as normal.

Afterwards, Kate Garraway and Caitlyn were voted to compete in tonight's bushtucker trial, giving Nadine the break she well an truly deserves.

Enjoy it, girl. It won't last.