New Operation Transformation show to get Ireland's children moving 2 years ago

New Operation Transformation show to get Ireland's children moving

The new show is hoping to get every child moving for just 10 minutes.

Kicking off today, the new 10@10 series will educate children about fitness and health with daily exercise routines and nutritional information.

The show, which is the brainchild of the folks behind Operation Transformation, will air every day at 10 o’clock and will approach exercise from a place of fun and will target children of all fitness levels.

The show will run for the next three weeks and will challenge children in their classrooms and at home to complete daily tasks in short, 10-minute sessions.


The new show comes just after the launch of the new season of Operation Transformation which continues to be one of RTE’s most impactful shows.

Hosted by Micheál Ó Ciaraidh and Gráinne Bleasdale, the show will be available to download in the hopes that teachers can use it as a constant tool to get kids active.

The new show has already been praised by many parents who are calling it was a great initiative to get kids moving during the school day.

"I hope every school in Ireland will do this. We should be doing every day," read one comment.

"What a great idea! Every school should take part," read another.