Study reveals interesting facts about the times babies are born 1 year ago

Study reveals interesting facts about the times babies are born

If you were of the opinion that more babies are born during the night, it turns out that this old wives tale isn't strictly true.

A study circulated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Center for Health Statistics has shown that in the United States, the majority of newborns arrive between the hours of 8 am and 12 pm.

Dr Michael R. Berman, medical director of labour and delivery at New York City’s Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, commented on the rise in births during the morning hours, acknowledging that it may be linked to the rise in scheduled C-section births, which tend to take place early in the day.

He went on to say that this new data may "be helpful for the planning of staffing on the labour and delivery floors and in neonatal intensive care units to improve patient safety and optimise outcomes".


The research was collated by examining the timing of deliveries and comparing spontaneous labours, induced labours, C-sections and out of hospital births, concentrating on 90 percent of birth data from 2013.

In terms of the days with the most amount of births, Tuesday was the top day, followed by Monday.

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