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18th May 2022

Another 7 possible cases of unknown hepatitis strain under investigation in Ireland

Kat O'Connor

6 cases have already been confirmed in Ireland.

Another 7 cases of an unknown strain of hepatitis are under investigation in Ireland.

This is in addition to the 6 confirmed cases already confirmed here.

HSE’s Dr. Colm Henry confirmed the cases.

He told the Oireachtas that the illness is rare.

“It is rare but children who get it can get very ill,” he said.

Earlier this week, the WHO confirmed 429 cases in 22 counties.

A cause has yet to be uncovered but experts are investigating the strain.

Medical professionals believe there may be a link to the adenovirus infection.


Six children have died and a further 26 needed liver transplants.

One child has died in Ireland, the HSE announced this month.

The deceased developed severe hepatitis which caused inflammation of the liver.

Another child was transferred to a UK hospital for a liver transplant.

Parents have been told to be aware of the symptoms of hepatitis.

The main symptoms are jaundice, a fever, diarrhea, and respiratory issues.

Children also may suffer from gastrointestinal issues.

Parents have been told to alert their doctor immediately if their child has symptoms.

Experts stressed that you should not delay in contacting a health professional.